These are some of the scripts currently stored in Daily Data's SVN repository. We are slowly modifying all appropriate packages in that repository to be available here in stable versions. The most current packages we use on a regular basis will show up first.

For information about any of these packages, please contact us using the form at Fixes and upgrades to any of these scripts greatly appreciated!

Package Version Build Date Description
rsbackup_p2p 0.1.1 20160826 Back up files on local machine to a peer server using rsync protocol
openvpn 0.3 20160314 Command line manager for multiple openVPN connections
getImapAddresses 1.0 20160624 php script which goes through and IMAP mailbox, retrieving all e-mail addresses.
rsbackup_lib 0.1.3 20110215 Library used by all rsBackup scripts
duplicate_files 1.0 20160624 Report on duplicate files in a file system found by fdupes
scripts 1.0.0 20161125 Needed scripts for rsbackup and rsbackup_p2p

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