Needed scripts for rsbackup and rsbackup_p2p

Version 1.0.0 (20161125)

Contains example conf file, and some initialization and cleanup scripts

Additionally, it includes a copy of the open source script that allows sending of e-mail, with attachments, without the requirment of having a mail server installed on your machine.

To use this script instead of relying on mpack, place it in some location accessible by rsbackup. Then, add the following three lines to your configuration file:

$MAILER_SCRIPT = '/usr/sbin/';# option used if a mailer script is used $MAIL_FROM = ''; # name of sender for e-mail $MAIL_SERVER = ''; # name of mail server to use

Additionally, set the variable $MPACK to an empty string.

rsbackup will then call to send the backup results. It will use $MAIL_SERVER to as the recipient, and state that the mail is coming from $MAIL_FROM.

This script is available, from the author, at At that site, you will also find Windows executable versions that support TLS, and an RPM package.

Also includes backupdb which is a nicer script than mine, so I stole it from nixCraft (see It does not do postgreSQL, but it does have some very sweet things like versioned backups and the ability to skip databases. I made some minor changes to it but overall it is as the author created it.

Download Here or use wget