Back up files on local machine to a peer server using rsync protocol

Version 0.1.1 (20160826)

VERY insecure server replication tool. This requires root ssh access to the remote server via non-password protected ssh key. Suitable for replicating servers internally on a LAN or over a VPN connection, but not recommended for other installations.

Basically, uses rsync to update a path/ to remote server:path/. Allows for local scripting on source machine and target machine, both before and after synchronization occurs.

installer is simply a set of rules, at this time. Very primitive (the installer), requiring you manually copy/move files from the archive into target directories, then edit a configuration file. Installer is Debian Wheezy oriented at this time.

This is a modified rsbackup_client script, so the base code has been around since 2008. Future plans are to merge the two code bases to allow one script to run client/server or peer-to-peer.

To set up, on the originating server, create a root ssh key with no password, then copy the public key to the target machine, placing in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys. Install the script, then set up as a cron job.

The scripts directory only has one sample script; rsync the configuration of an IPFire router to one of the directories to be synchronized.

The bash files initialize and cleanup are run before and after the sync occurs, so initialize might have something like.


to back up the routers before the sync occurs.

Download Here or use wget