Camp Modules

CAMP is very basic, as mentioned earlier. It only stores some basic information about different machines. Modules extend that capability.

Current modules

  • Attributes – Allows tracking of arbitrary information on a client, site or device. This is under heavy development at this time.
  • Files – Stores files associated with a client, site or device
  • Maintenance – assign maintenance tasks to a device/user pair, and track when maintenance is performed.
  • Relationships – tracks relationships between devices. Mainly used for virtualization, where a virtual “device” is a part of a physical server.
  • Licensing – Store licensing information for clients, and which licenses are assigned to which device (or, available for assignment to a new device)
  • sysinfo – parses sysinfo reports, updating attributes of a device
  • backups – parses rsbackup reports, maintaining a record of backups.

Planned Modules

  • Networking – record network connections in a site; basically, store device/port, connector, device2/port information and figure out some way to display it intelligently.