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The strength meter above simply calculates how random the passphrase is. It is not difficult to fool, so do not depend on it. See for discussion.

Many passwords have been discovered by crackers getting into sites and stealing the data files containing usernames, passwords and other information.

This web page will look up your password in those lists, without sending your password. The password you enter never leaves your computer.

Further information

  1. The password is turned into a numeric representation (called an sha1 digest)
  2. The first 5 digits of that number is sent to
  3. returns a list of all digests which begin with that 5 digits
  4. This program then looks to see if any of them match.
  5. The program then tells you whether it found a match or not

Note: Finding a match only tells you the password is "known" by spammers and crackers. Not finding a match does not mean it is a good password. This only tells you whether the password is on one of lists commonly available on the Dark Net

This is a free service by Daily Data, and relies on the free service located at Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Regional Director, has donated his time and money to collect many of these lists of cracked password and e-mail accounts. Feel free to help him continue these efforts by donating on his web page.

Want a good password you can remember? Try the free service by Bart Busschots at

Mr. Hunt will also allow you to check if your e-mail address is on one of the lists he has by going to

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