Camp Modules

Camp is very basic, as mentioned earlier. It only stores some basic information about different machines. Modules extend that capability.

Current modules

  • Maintenance – schedule, track and record periodic maintenance on a device
  • sysinfo – install a small Perl script on remote servers (Linux and Unix only at this time) for periodic updates of server makeup, including installed software, hardware, and disk usage.
  • Files – attach multiple files to a site, client or device
  • Licenses – Track licensing information for software packages across multiple devices.

Planned Modules

  • Networking – record network connections in a site; basically, store device/port, connector, device2/port information and figure out some way to display it intelligently.
  • Attributes – CAMP v1 stores basic information about a machine, and sysinfo adds a lot more like processor type, memory, PCI components, etc… However, there is no way to edit that or add values other than those returned by sysinfo. Attributes would be a simple UI to allow users to add/modify/delete the attributes of a system. Some uses for this would be
    • Purchase Date
    • Purchase Amount
    • Make/Model